Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi Siahroudi


Born 23 Jun 1993 Tehran, Iran


Ph.D. student at the Industrial & System Engineering Department of Lehigh University

M.Sc of Industrial Engineering at Sharif University of Technology

B.Sc of Industrial Engineering at Iran University of Science & Technology


Research Assistant

Quantum Computing and Optimization Lab

Lehigh University



Fields of Interest

  • Mathematical Optimization

  • Quantum Computing

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Healthcare Optimization

  • Financial Engineering


Gottshall Fellowship from the Department of Industrial & System Engineering at Lehigh University 2019

M.Sc GPA: 18.74/20 (Ranked 5th)

B.Sc GPA: 17.03/20 (in top 15%)

Ranked 13th in Entrance Exam (among 10000 participants)